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How It Works

Our straightforward process helps us define your goals and develop a clear plan that brings direction to your wealth.

The Process

Get to Know Each Other

In an initial meeting, you’ll let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll share with you what we offer and will answer any questions you have. This allows us to explore our compatibility to work together.

Share the Details of Your Finances

If we decide to move forward together, you’ll fill out some paperwork and share your old account statements with us so we can get a better understanding of your circumstances. This includes a risk tolerance questionnaire, your investments and additional documents to paint the most thorough picture for us.

Analyze Where You Stand Now

We will review the ins and outs of your current financial circumstances and will compare where you stand now with the goals you’ve shared with us. After this, we’ll meet with you to share potential pitfalls and specific opportunities we’ve noticed along with recommendations to improve your outcomes.

Implement New Strategies

Once we’ve decided on your strategies, we’ll work with you to make any changes and implement our recommendations. This may include opening new accounts or reaching out to additional professionals, such as an estate attorney, to carry out your plan.

Meet Regularly Over Time

We will have regular meetings to review and tactically adjust throughout the years. As your life inevitably changes and new goals are developed, we can revise your financial plan and investment strategy.

How Can We Help?

We’re here to help you address the complexities that arise as your wealth grows. Whether you have a specific concern you need guidance on or you simply would like to review your strategy as a whole, we encourage you to reach out.
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