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Today’s Wealth Management

with Exclusive Private Equity Opportunities

Virtual Financial Planning
for the Modern Visionary

By visionary, we mean those who strive to see their lives play out a little differently. Where others see a typical 9-5 workweek, you envision the chance to spend your time doing what you want. At Rincon Wealth Management, we identify ways to help you grow your wealth, protect what you’ve earned and, ultimately, live on your own terms.
Sound Like You?
Hiking Trail
Designing Your Path to Financial Freedom

This is How:

Providing You with Access to Private Equity Investments and Unique Alternatives

We can provide you with options that are aligned with your interests and uncorrelated to the stock market, reducing your overall risk.

Bringing Focus to Your Wealth Strategy

We’ll develop a financial plan and investment tactics to help you navigate your high-earning years, reduce risk, and align your resources with your life’s goals.

Fine-Tuning Every Part of Your Financial Life

Your wealth requires a holistic approach. We’ll spearhead your team—collaborating with CPAs, attorneys and others to optimize and coordinate your entire wealth picture.

Laptop and Notebook

You work in tech.

You’ve found success early on, and you want to manage your money effectively. We work with many individuals who’ve come into wealth through their tech jobs or businesses. Together we'll focus on identifying the best next steps.

A Woman Writing at Home

You’re closing the door on your career.

These days, “retirement” can look a little different than the way it did even ten years ago. Whether you’re leaving your workdays behind in your mid-life or later, we can help.

Wood Bridge Walking

You’re looking at a work-optional lifestyle.

You’re in a position where you can choose exactly how you want each week to go. We partner with individuals and families to skillfully navigate and achieve this way of life.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

And Make the Most of Your Wealth

We’ll help you maintain a secure financial foundation by navigating your stock options, offering you exclusive investment opportunities, and managing the ins and outs of your money. Whether your wealth path is in its early stages or you’ve established a strategy over the years, we’ll work with you to identify any gaps and create a plan to enhance your wealth’s capabilities.

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